Acquire, Act & Achieve

The vision of MIST Einthoven Club is to help the members to acquire knowledge about life science and healthcare technologies, solidify the acquired knowledge through various activities and build an understanding of how it will help them achieve their goals.


1. We focus on learning the techniques and procedures to design solutions for any problem at the interface of biology, medicine and engineering.

2. We aim to create opportunities for our club members to learn how to tackle advanced human health challenges.

3. We are emphasising on enhancing safety of diagnostic tools such as x-ray, MRI, CT scan, PET CT, etc so that they are less harmful and radioactive to both the user and operator.

4. We also target development of innovative tools and devices (such as prosthetics and imaging machines) to support medical care.

5. We have been studying the signals generated by organs such as heart, brain, muscles in order to build artificial organs, limbs and valves to restore faulty tissues.

6. Rehabilitation is one of the major parts of health industry. Our club members have visited many rehab centres to learn about the ongoing techniques of therapeutics. Researches are being conducted on how to improve these methods for producing better results for the patients.

7. In addition, our club delegates have recently been enlightened on the importance of the medical data that has been generated in the last few decades. Our club is tirelessly working to enhance their proficiency and understanding of biological and medical behaviour with the help of data analysis, computational biology and bioinformatics.